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FOCUS has been operating in the sector since 1998 and the current corporate structure is the evolution of over twenty years of presence on the market and of the experience acquired in the various business sectors. The owners of the FOCUS company have been active in the sector since the 1970s.

The wealth of its knowledge and of the innovative activities carried out on the processes and on the product allow FOCUS to maintain over time a qualified presence on the Italian and European market in the following sectors:


  • Molding of Polyurethane Foam for technical articles and furniture
  • Production of polyurethane molds on behalf of the customer
  • Head Doors and Climb Doors for railway carriages
  • Furnishing components and various technical items intended for collective transport and not only

FOCUS is located in Isola della Scala, 19 km from Verona.

The company's headquarters are located on an area of 10,000 square meters, completed in 2002 and equipped with efficient equipment, plants and production control instruments.

FOCUS pursues technological innovation of the product and its production systems and is also able to support the customer in any planning activities.

The company staff plays a fundamental role in the correct realization of the product and is therefore adequately trained and updated, competent and skilled.

The Management, aware that FOCUS would not exist without its customers, considers the contract only the beginning of a relationship that must continue over time, based on trust and mutual satisfaction.

This relationship must be maintained and improved through the supply of products / semi-finished products and services in the expected quality and in full compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements.

The objective guarantee of its ability to produce the product under controlled conditions, in compliance with the requirements, is ensured by its management system, certified and verified by an independent external accredited body.


FOCUS assures its customers to operate according to quality procedures that comply with the requirements of standards with worldwide validity. The objective guarantee consists of the following certifications issued by external accredited and independent bodies which, among other things, systematically perform audits to verify compliance with the requirements subject to certification:


  • certificate of conformity No. 20723/10 / S issued by RINA Services S.p.a.
  • IQNet Registration No. IT-87692


For the following activities falling within the EA 14 and 22b sectors:


  • design and production of internal and external doors for rail transport vehicles

  • design and production of polyurethane foam padding for products to be upholstered in the field of furniture and rail transport



FOCUS ensures the compliance of its products with regulatory requirements and customer requirements of both physical and mechanical characteristics, and applicable requirements for hygiene, safety, etc.

FOCUS internally and systematically carries out various checks on the product, such as, for example, the resilience characteristics of the expanded polyurethanes or the painting of steel and aluminum sheets.

In case of particularly important requirements (for example: reaction to fire, emission of fumes and gases, absence of dangerous substances, etc.), FOCUS is aimed at accredited external laboratories or requires its suppliers to provide adequate declarations of conformity or test certificates. issued by competent and accredited laboratories or bodies.

FOCUS, when required by the contract or by the binding legislation, is able to release to its customers specific declarations of conformity or test certificates from external laboratories.


Our company uses only polyurethanes free of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC Free) and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC Free). This means the absolute absence of harmful substances and pollutants emitted into the atmosphere and into the environment.

In compliance with the EC Regulation N. 1907/2006, R.E.A.C.H. (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) Integrated European System for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals and at the same time aims to improve competitiveness and capacity of innovation in the European chemical industry.